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Infinity All-Bottle ID™
Category: All Bottle “Ring” System, Computer Interfaced Systems, POS / ECR Interfacable Systems

Information: Unparalleled Liquor and Inventory Control!

Enjoy free-pour style pouring - without the "FREE"....

The All-Bottle ID™ System can deliver your customers' choice, while they watch an accurate, fast pour in the style and tradition of a free-poured drink - without giving the house away on over-pours and spills.

Imagine -

★ Precise tracking of your pouring activity against total inventory - opened or unopened.

★ Identifying each pour by brand, portion size and price.

★ Reassigning pourers to a different brand, at
the pouring station, without a PC.

★ Knowing which brands have reached their
reorder point - at a glance.

★ Pouring consistent portions faster than a
traditional plastic spout.

★ Existing Berg systems can be upgraded to
the ID™ System.

★ Dispensing Control - Featuring new Smart Pour™ technology.

★ Uses the latest microchip technology with Windows® based software.

★ Reassignable pourers.

★ Four portion sizes per brand.

★ Ungradable from existing Berg installations.

Inventory Control

★ REMEMBER not all ID's are the same! BERG
knows inventory levels, reorder points,
supplier and preferred vendor information.

★ Allows manual adjustment to inventory totals.

★ Usage information available by brand and station.

★ Inventory reorder point set by brand.

★ Liquor inventory can be tracked on-line by brand from receipt to empty.

★ Cost analysis reporting provided by INFINITY™ software.

Brochure PDF: ID - Brochure.pdf

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AllBottleID pourer

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Product Number 1

Product Number 1

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