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Berg/Oz Winebar Systems
Category: Wine & Preservation Systems, POS / ECR Interfacable Systems, Computer Interfaced Systems, All Bottle “Ring” System

Information: Berg Company couples its expertise in beverage control with Oz Winebars premium professional grade wine dispensing and preservation systems. The implementation of Bergs Infinity Software and Laser dispensing technology is a convergence in quality and reliability. The Electronic Tap Rail (ETR) replaces Oz Winebars standard manual taps with a stainless rail in which ‘push-button switches’ and solenoids replace the taps at each bottle position. Pushing a Tap Button dispenses up to three predetermined amounts of wine using a Berg Infinity Laser Controller. As selections are made through the Buttons, signals are sent to the Berg Electronic Control Unit (ECU), which is mounted inside the lower left compartment of the Winebar. Depending upon the model, one or two sets of centrally-located Override Buttons enable a change to a different, pre-set portion size.

Each Winebar controller can be upgraded. Dependent on the Oz Winebar model they can accept either the Berg Infinity Laser, All-Bottle or ID systems. The Infinity software package is complete and fully operational.

OZ Winebars™ are designed to enhance wine by-the-glass and wine tasting programs.

US Patent # D491,580 UL/CSA & NSF Certified

Features at a Glance
♦ Commercial stainless steel cabinet construction
♦ Standard 120 AC voltage with low 5 amp current draw
♦ Chassis mounted regulator assembly
♦ Single-handed dispensing manual tap models
♦ Electronic portion control models
♦ Recessed or flush drip tray included
♦ Dispenses ergonomically below the bottle
♦ Installs on 36” high back bar counters 22” deep
♦ High capacity large models hold up to 5 & 6 cases
♦ No chasing inventory during rush
♦ Rarely a need for any additional chilled storage
♦ Backstock maintained at correct temperatures
♦ High visibility full-width display of premium wines
♦ Non-intrusive side-sliding glass doors
♦ Two+-bottle back stock allows proper chilling time
♦ Easily adapted for owner-provided trim kits
♦ Gas cylinder fits inside lower left-hand compartment
♦ Electric solenoid gas control
♦ Preset user adjustable temperature alarms
♦ After hours dispensing system lock-off key switch
♦ Locking wine display cabinet
♦ Individual service valves (not clamps) at bottle heads
♦ No deteriorating PVC tubing
♦ Dual silicone bottle seals
♦ Auto-defrost controllers
♦ Extended preservation window – typically 4+ weeks
♦ NSF & UL/CSA listed
♦ Front bar model (customer view port) available
♦ Stacked configurations available
♦ Specialty powdercoat finishes available
♦ One year on-premises warranty
♦ International spec models are available

Brochure PDF: oz_winebars_2006.pdf

Product Number 33

Product Number 33

Product Number 33

Product Number 33

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