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♦ Client Testimonials:
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"The BERG SYSTEM is amazing. Its a great form of liquor control!" - Thanks P.J. Gossip - an Infinity Laser / ID user ( 5 Stations )

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"Very happy with our Berg System savings! Alot more in inventory and more money in my pocket!" - Swami

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"To date we have had no failures of equipment has proven very cost effective by reducing liquor cost 4% points!" - Mark B. Hunt Room - an Infinity Tap1 / ID user (since 2002)

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"I find the system excellent. The controls on the liquor is great, not only do we make more money, the cost of goods are much lower. The system is easy to maintain. I find the system unbeatable. Thank you for having such a system! - Don " Infinity All-Bottle with Interface (since 1995)

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"Big Money Saver!!!!!!!!!" - Tommy D. Rouge- BERG 704 with Interface ( 4 Stations )

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